Our aim for our member naturopaths is to provide support and to progress and protect the development of naturopathic medicine in New Zealand. To the general public, we provide a guaranteed standard of natural health ensuring registered members are qualified to the best standards of education and that they continue with education on a yearly basis going forward.

Our Mission Statement

 The Society aims to:

  • Ensure Naturopathy is visible and accessible to all New Zealanders.
  • Provide the public with a resource of qualified and professional members.
  • Promote naturopaths, and be recognised as valuable partners in the health care system.

NMHNZ maintains its high standards and professionalism by:

  • Only accepting members who meet our high standards of education and have qualified through accredited colleges.
  • Having a Code of Conduct to ensure professionalism is maintained.
  • Providing ongoing, reciprocal communication and support to our members.
  • Encouraging respect for clients and fellow colleagues.
  • Providing members with a network that includes relevant resources and services, public relations, continuing education opportunities, member meetings which contribute to continuing education, a highly professional website, and positive leadership for the promotion and advancement of the profession.
  • Offering comprehensive liability insurance at a discount for our members.
  • Fostering relationships with healthcare insurance providers to allow naturopathy costs to be claimed via health insurance policies.
  • Facilitating relations with other organisations in the Natural Health Industry.

Our Aims are to provide support and opportunities now and in the future, for our members.

  • NMHNZ aims to work towards registration and regulation at a government level for the modality of naturopathy.
  • NMHNZ aims to encourage further education of members within the profession of naturopathy.
  • NMHNZ supports scientific research in the use of naturopathic interventions for health issues.