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Rachel Arthur - Advanced Understanding of Immune Markers & the Clues Within

A deeper understanding of white cells & immunoglobulins - their distribution & contribution to illness can help you find the proverbial needle in a haystack - sharpening your diagnostic insight around the drivers behind each patient's presentation. Major clues also lie within these markers for nutritional deficiencies and excess as well. With such an advanced understanding of both aspects, practitioners are able to recognise an immune mediated pathology in patients early and in the absence of 'out of range results' and hone in on the source and location of the immune activation. Important in every patient and potentially every presentation - from cardiovascular disease to gut to mental health - interpreting immune markers correctly holds the key to correct naturopathic diagnosis & the most successful outcomes. The theoretical part of this presentation will be paired with a series of case illustrations and opportunities for attendees to apply the learning straight away.

Rachel Arthur - Harnessing Haematology - What Lies Beneath!

A CBC is a test almost every patient of yours has already had done but are you missing what lies beneath? Sometimes practitioners fall into the trap of thinking standard haematology panels can only tell us about overt disease but these little gems are full of potential clues about the nutritional imbalances, hydration status, toxic exposures, genetics and much more that helps you to better understand and manage the patient sitting in front of you.

Dr Nicky Baillie - The Art of Caring. When to Act, When to Sit Still

Many of us come into the health profession because we care and because we want to make a difference to people’s lives. What blocks and what nurtures the art of caring? How can we care in a way that fosters each of our clients to grow and heal? How do we look after ourselves and sustain our own wellbeing in this process? With the escalation of more complex and varied diagnostic tests, interventions, pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, and supplements, what we can offer our clients nowadays can be overwhelming. How do we navigate through the options, and choose wisely? How do we take the best of our training, and our knowledge, to diagnose, prescribe and ‘act’? When is it better to sit still? Nicky will delve into the caring relationship we have with our clients and how it can make a meaningful and significant difference to wellbeing. She will also take a closer look at diagnostic tests and their applications and limits, and share stories from her clinical practice.

Ani Wilson - Beating the Burnout Curve

The essentials for making it to the finish line alive! Chronic stress can impact anyone at any time; the difference with high performers and over-givers is that we tend to ignore all the signs and symptoms, choosing to work/give more, until one day we crash, taking our business and our relationships down with us in our fall. Burnout causes whole areas of our brain to shut down, impacting our ability to make decisions, plan, see risk and even feel empathy toward our clients. In this keynote, you will learn: 1. The Neural Blueprint that determines your statistic for burnout 2. Fun, cutting edge techniques to tackle chronic stress and harness it to increase your mental performance 3. The fundamental steps that will ensure your success, based on your archetype

Dr Morella Lascurain - Narrative Alchemy

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives shape not only our thoughts, emotions, relationships and behaviours, but also the structure and function of our bodies. Our bodies express the meanings we make of our life events symbolically, so that illness is the physical manifestation of stories that are constraining and painful. This is an unconventional proposal in healthcare that opens the possibility of healing radically, through the transformation of negative stories, to others that are positive and empowering.
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Dr Shira Michaeli - Connecting the switches between the brain and body for optimal health expression

An optimally functioning nervous system is vital for optimal health. Retained primitive reflexes and sensory processing issues can influence the way adults and children perceive their environments; which can effect behaviour, mood, learning, sleep, immune function and more. Learn what they look like and how to refer appropriately. We’ll discuss how chiropractors and naturopaths may co-manage clients for better outcomes together and what this looks like with real practice examples.
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Sharon Erdrich - Reporting on International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine and SIBO Symposium

Sharon will be reporting on the International Congress of Natural Medicine, which she attended and presented at, on behalf of the NZSN. She will also be giving us the latest of SIBO research developments after attending the World SIBO Symposium.
hormone testing

Kaytee Boyd - Hormonal Testing in Clinical Practice

Kaytee was instrumental in bringing DUTCH hormone testing to New Zealand and has been using it over the years in clinical practice. Combined with traditional blood tests for hormones testing focuses on identifying hormone imbalances and working with hormone sensitive cancers. Kaytee explains practical and appropriate uses of these various tests in context of cases and her experience over the years.