8:25am - Dive into your Delegate Bag for a cuppa, and add your breakfast for a brief tech rundown
Waimarie Manson will welcome us with a Karakia then our wonderful MC Sarah Brenchley will take over!

8:40 - FxMed breakfast symposium with Dr Nick Ellenson "Importance of addressing parasite cleansing for better patient outcomes"

9:25- Keynote speaker, Leah Hechtman "The dance of conception – Survival and health of sperm and oocytes" + "From macrocosm to microcosm - how we can influence the future of humankind"

10:40 - Amie Steel "The Naturopathy Health Technology Assessment: Contents, Significance, Contribution"

11:15 - Breakout sessions, interactive, 20 minutes
Choose from Liz McNamara (Compliance for Naturopaths) or Ryan Bennett (Energising breathwork session)

11:50 - Dr Cliff Harvey "How to modify ketogenic diets for the individual and improve results from keto"

12:30pm - Lunch break. Option to stay online with Wick Nixon for some yummy easy to prepare lunches

1:15 - Panel: Dr Asmita Patel, Karen Wesseling, Wayne Hill, Robyn Caruthers "The use of natural medicine among older aged New Zealanders"

1:55 - Associate Professor Matthew Leach "Evidence-based practice and New Zealand Naturopaths: state of the art"

2:30 - Panel: Mike Eyres, Erin Hudson, Sunshine Tremain, Loula George "Medicinal Cannabis -the Herbalist’s Pathway"

3:10 - Breakout sessions, interactive, 20 minutes
Choose from Tanay Smith (Social Media) or Catharine-Jean Ross (EFT)

3:40 - Jill Dunn "Naturopathy, an integrated health profession: What does it take?"

4:15 - Geraldine Headley "Adapt & Thrive in a Changing World – Your Business Reimagined"

4:50 - wrap up with our MC Sarah Brenchley

We've allowed some buffer time in between each session to allow for online transitions as necessary. Also allowing 10mins q & a after each presentation. ALL presenters & sessions are live. You'll be able to ask questions live during the conference (via chat) that will be relayed live to the speaker by Sarah our MC.

We'll have some random spot prize draws throughout the day, with a final draw for the BioCeuticals Gift Pack (valued at over $200) before we wrap up. All spot prizes can be collected (if in same town) or will be couriered out to you. We're aiming to finish by 5pm but please allow extra time just in case!


8:25am - Same as yesterday -grab a cuppa & your breakfast for a brief tech rundown
Deborah Wright will introduce the sessions we've got for you prior to starting the AGM

8:40 - ProHerb breakfast symposium with Dominic England

9:25- Keynote speaker, Kiran Krishnan "The role of post-biotics in modulating inflammation that can have an impact on the health of the skin. "

10:15 - Liz McNamara, President of Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists NZ will present her report and proposal

11:15 - Tamara Edwards, Treasurer of Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists NZ will present the financials

11:30 - Jill Dunn, our Politics & Education person, & WNF rep will talk about what's happening with Naturopathy globally & how this affects our organisation

Close of meeting at 12:30pm

We'll have moderators online to handle any questions on both days. If you'd like to be LIVE online during the conference please let us know! Questions during the AGM will be handled by moderators & directed to the particular speaker. We may not be able to answer all questions on the day in which case we will follow up via email afterwards. Some things will have to go back through the committee. If you have any questions for the AGM please submit them now.

Any questions or suggestions? Just email Deborah