Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of NZ (Inc) are grateful for the support of our sponsors, without whom our 2021 Conference would not have been possible.




FxMed is a New Zealand owned and operated company which globally sources the highest quality nutritional supplements and functional testing services for healthcare practitioners to:

  • promote optimal ageing
  • improve clinical efficacy
In addition, we pride ourselves in providing leading edge education and technical support to registered healthcare practitioners.



Established in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1993, ProHerb is dedicated to supplying practitioners nationwide with a wide range of high-quality, practitioner-only herbal, and nutritional products. In addition, ProHerb provides access to various learning opportunities related to clinical practice, technical-information and CPE-credit courses, sourced from both within New Zealand and abroad.



BioMedica Nutraceuticals is an Australian-owned natural health company dedicated to the research, development and production of high quality nutraceuticals and supplements for practitioner prescribing. BioMedica products are developed by combining 70 years of clinical experience with scientific research. Our no-to-low excipient range is designed with clinical relevance and therapeutic dosing in mind, so that practitioners can best support their patients in the journey to good health and well-being. Since our inception, BioMedica has been fortunate to enjoy the loyal support of practitioners throughout Australia and now also internationally. We are proud to say that BioMedica products remain available exclusively on your prescription and authorisation as a qualified practitioner, ensuring that the practitioner-patient relationship is strengthened.



Nutrisearch, Nutrition and Research
We invite the best natural health brands, researchers and educators, to support New Zealand and Australian practitioners to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Our commitment is to practitioners and patients via:

Research - Innovation - Education - Delivery

Nutrisearch's ongoing core focus is to provide clinically effective, scientifically researched protocols, supported by natural health products formulated to the highest quality.

At Nutrisearch we are continually striving to support our practitioners in ways that will contribute to their success.

Representing only those companies who are at the cutting edge of natural medicine and who are committed to integrity in research, design and creation of niche products and clinical protocols enables our practitioners to have confidence in achieving patient outcomes that will contribute not only to the health of the individual but also to the wealth of the community as a whole.



Phytomed Medicinal Herbs – The ethical choice

Phytomed has been harnessing the potency of locally-grown herbs for more than 20 years as New Zealand᾿s leading manufacturer of practitioner liquid extracts. Phytomed’s extensive range of effective, natural phytomedicines are created using certified organic locally-grown materials wherever possible, and sourcing the highest quality herbs from growers and wildcrafters in New Zealand and around the world. Phytomed’s roots are embedded in traditional herbal practice, combined with the latest research to produce premium herbal medicines in a sustainable and ethical way, made right here in New Zealand.



Homeobotanical Therapy

Herbal Energy Centre owns and supplies Homeobotanical formulas to health professionals. Homeobotanical Therapy is a New Zealand developed Mix & Match system of formulas developed by Brian Murray in the early 1980’s. Aware that many clients could not afford the cost of herbal tinctures dispensed by practitioners, Brian Murray decided that a different approach was required. The Homeobotanical range have been designed to assist the practitioner in achieving clinical outcomes. What started as a few basic formulas, the homeobotanical range has developed over the years to the comprehensive collection we see today. The range is cost effective for the practitioner, and affordable to your clients. One of the core beliefs behind Homeobotanical Therapy is to ensure a cost effective and affordable range of health care is available to the general community through their health practitioner.