Cush Reid

I am qualified in Functional Nutrition; Herbal; Rongoa Maori Medicine; Test Analysis; Fitgenes; Gluten Practitioner; Neuromuscular Therapy; Life Coaching; and BodyTalk.
I use a functional medicine approach using my knowledge and experience to support this many faceted way of working. I take a broad focus on the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social aspects of well being and wholeness of health. The goal is to find the root cause of any unease or dysfunction in the body and work with this to restore optimal health and a balanced lifestyle. I take a full case history utilise questionnaires and functional testing to identify and prioritise the areas to focus on. I am experienced in nutrition; gluten sensitivity; digestive system; stress; fatigue; adrenal fatigue; depression; anxiety; weight management; hormonal health; gene testing; and the effects of stress on the health and wellbeing of the mind/body complex. I am particularly passionate about encouraging, support


Cush Reid


Nutrition & Natural Healthcare
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