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Sarka Horvathova

Hi, I'm Czech by origin and apart from being passionate and fully enjoying my job I also love outdoors, yoga, meditation, travel and being with inspirational likeminded people.

Sarka's foundation is in the sciences but her love of herbal medicine drew her towards a Diploma in Naturopathy learning how to treat health conditions with nutrition, herbal medicine, mineral salts, aromatherapy & massage.

Sarka believes that holistic treatment is the foundation of good health. Sarka's personal experience with food allergies has taught her the power of good nutrition. She uses a variety of testing procedures to help people discover if allergies and intolerances may be contributing towards their ill health.

Her main passion and affinity is working with children and babies and their families to regain and maintain overall health and well being. She strongly believes that many children?s ailments and chronic disorders are fully reversible.



Sarka Horvathova


The Apothecary
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