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Kim Campbell

I am currently practicing in the Matakana Village as part of Tea & Tonic Matakana's consultation room. I offer Naturopathic consultations which includes nutrition and iridology. Within the consultation space I blend Phytomed herbal extracts and/or therapeutic herbal teas for each individual client to suit their needs. Online prescribing of nutritional supplementation is available for clients via Pacific Health portal, and functional testing is available upon request via NutriSearch. I have a special interest in women within reproductive years - fertility, pregnancy & breastfeeding, and the much needed nourishment during the postpartum period, however still welcome all conditions into my practice. I encourage and promote the use of food as medicine for a sustainable approach to health, and offer clients meal plans & recipes when needed. An initial consultation takes one hour and will include detailed assessment into the client's situation, vital signs and irises.


Kim Campbell


The Matakana Naturopath
Tea & Tonic Matakana - 2 Matakana Valley Road
Auckland 0985
022 014 1134