Kathy Houghton

Naturopath-Bioresonance Practitioner-Fertility Educator-ex Midwife. Working with you to restore health and vitality. Over 30 years experience in the Health Field.As a Naturopath, ex-Midwife and Fertility Educator I offer; NATUROPATHY and BIORESONANCE SCREENING - Asyra Bioresonance screening utilizes the latest science and digital technology to scan the body and deliver a comprehensive picture of your current energetic health status including areas where the body is depleted, out of balance and weak. The system can run tens of thousands of tests in just minutes, allowing us to uncover complex and often hidden aspects of your situation. Based on the results, a Homeopathic remedy is prescribed to bring the body back into balance. PREGNANCY MASSAGE- Relax knowing you are in good hands. I am an ex-Midwife and have been massaging Pregnant women for over 20 years. Purpose built Pregnancy table.


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