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Welcome to the website of Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of NZ (Inc).(NMHNZ)

NMHNZ was formed in 2017 by the amalgamation of two long-standing societies, the NZ Society of Naturopaths and Naturopaths of NZ. This was a much-celebrated union in response to a desire for members to be united in their quest for the recognition and advancement of naturopathy in New Zealand. Our aim for our member naturopaths is to provide support and to progress and protect the development of naturopathic medicine in New Zealand.

To the general public we provide a guaranteed standard of natural health care ensuring members of NMHNZ are qualified to the best standards of education and update their education on a yearly basis. Practicing certificates are issued each year provided ongoing professional development requirements have been met. By choosing a Registered Naturopath, you can be certain your naturopath adheres to these requirements.

Who can use the term "Naturopath"?

At present New Zealand has no legislation around naturopathy, which means anyone can call themselves a naturopath. NMHNZ only accepts members who meet our stringent educational standards and who continue professional education on a yearly basis. This means you are assured of a highly qualified health care professional for your safety and well-being.
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What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a form of medicine practised widely throughout the world. It has the longest tradition of any healing system and is the forerunner of modern medicine. Naturopathy is a health care system that practices holistic medicine. This practice looks at all the systems of the body when looking for the underlying causes of disease

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Hi everyone - we thought it would be great for you to meet our members.

First up in our series of getting to know our amazing members is the SUPERB Sarah Brenchley!

Thank you Sarah and we hope you enjoy getting to know Sarah!

What do you do for self-care?

I love this question because I sucked at self care for so long. I am a bit of a workaholic and so have been excellent at looking after everyone else at the expense of myself. I realised a year ago that self care is liked to self worth. So I have been doing a lot of work in that area and the self-care has followed without me even pushing it.
I currently get up 1 hour earlier than my kids and do 10-15 minutes of QiGong and 10-15 minutes of meditation. I also do a lot of journaling at this time which sets me up for the day.
I am a yoga teacher so yoga plays a role in my self care. I take my dogs walking everyday, I have to be in nature or I wither away - I also love gardening so try and do that every week. Exercise is also important, I was swimming 2-3x week before the lockdown so have been doing 10 minutes of HIIT everyday (using an app) but am looking forward to going back to swimming.
I have got much better at listening to my body and when I start to feel tired I stop. I can spend Sunday doing nothing except read and watch movies with my kids which I love now winter’s here.

What has your biggest win in your naturopathic career or thing you are most proud of?

So many things I don’t know where to start...I am extremely proud of my teaching stint at Wellpark College and becoming the Programme Leader for the Nutrition Diploma and the Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine. I learnt a lot about myself and of course the profession and I wouldn’t be where I am now without that experience. I also got to be surrounded by some of the most inspiring, brave women I have ever met.
I am also proud of having been on the NMHNZ committee and the World Naturopathic Federation sub-committees.
I recently left my teaching career and set up 2 businesses, both involved in educating the public about health and wellbeing and so I am probably more proud of that than anything because without those other experiences i wouldn’t have had the knowledge, experience or confidence to do it.

What did you do before naturopathy?

I was a primary school teacher and before that I was a police officer back in the 1990’s.
Do you have a favourite piece of advice?
I have a small poster up on my wall that says -’Handle stressful situations like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, then pee on it and walk away’. I love that, that has got me through some really stressful times. The advice I tell myself everyday is: ‘Be yourself! Playing small does not serve the world. Don’t dim your light to make other’s feel better. Don’t take life too seriously either - laugh everyday’

What’s been your biggest lesson coming out of of Covid 19 and how will you take that forward into your life?

That I really am extremely unsociable LOL. I loved the lockdown. I work online anyway so that accelerated what I was already doing. I realised how much I enjoyed being at home and being with my kids. It put the things that really matter to me back into perspective - so now I have stricter boundaries around work and family time. When my kids come home at 4pm I stop and spend the evening with them and weekends are family time. It was a great time to slow down and reflect on who I am and what I want from life.

Was there a reason or moment that inspired your training in naturopathy?

Yes my son swallowed a padlock and I spent a month in Starship arguing with the medical profession (long story I recently wrote a Facebook post about this experience). I basically studied naturopathy so I could have the knowledge to argue with dieticians and doctors with more confidence. I also was bored with teaching and I was in that space between who I was before I had my children and the person I wanted to become. I dabbled in herbal medicine and enjoyed eating so naturopathy provided all of that - I thought it would be fun to was! Never thought in a million years I would have made a career out of it.

What areas of work drive your passion?

I absolutely love working with women and getting them to change the way they live and eat and think so that they start to love themselves again. I am so sick of working with women who don’t see how amazing they are and that they have choices. Education for me is key. That is why I set up my 2 businesses - Hormone Empowerment - an online, group coaching programme for women experiencing perimenopause (which has been running for 1 year and growing) and also the Wellbeing Club, which is an online platform with courses and coaching in everything from nutrition, digestion, skin care, mindfulness, finding your joy...etc. I am passionate about teaching the public, using naturopathic principles, to improve their health and lives in an accessible way (this will be launching soon). I am less interested in working 1:1 with people who are already unwell. I want to help them before they fall off the cliff.

What has changed about the industry since you started?

I think we have started to grow up. The graduates coming out of the colleges are changing the way naturopathy is viewed. We are starting to be seen as a profession rather than a hippy club for 40 year olds. When I studied, the class was largely women and naturopathy was our second (or in my case third) career. When I stopped teaching at Wellpark there were more young people studying naturopathy as their first career. I see more evidence based practice, critical thinking, and better clinical practice skills. I also see graduates that are very clear on our naturopathic identity. I think business and entrepreneurial skills are starting to improve too. I am excited about the future. I think we are still teenagers so the road might be rocky for a while. I was so proud and excited when the 2 naturopathic associations joined. I now hope the same will happen with the NZAMH. The more of us together the louder the voice.

What are you reading currently?

Woman Up! By Michelle Clarke
Death comes to Pemberley by PD James
Thank you Sarah!
She can be found virtually here:

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The importance of lifestyle for building yourself a shield of wellness. From the World Naturopathic Federation. ...

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