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Welcome to the website of Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of NZ (Inc).(NMHNZ)

NMHNZ was formed in 2017 by the amalgamation of two long-standing societies, the NZ Society of Naturopaths and Naturopaths of NZ. This was a much-celebrated union in response to a desire for members to be united in their quest for the recognition and advancement of naturopathy in New Zealand. Our aim for our member naturopaths is to provide support and to progress and protect the development of naturopathic medicine in New Zealand.

To the general public we provide a guaranteed standard of natural health care ensuring members of NMHNZ are qualified to the best standards of education and update their education on a yearly basis. Practicing certificates are issued each year provided ongoing professional development requirements have been met. By choosing a Registered Naturopath, you can be certain your naturopath adheres to these requirements.

Who can use the term "Naturopath"?

At present New Zealand has no legislation around naturopathy, which means anyone can call themselves a naturopath. NMHNZ only accepts members who meet our stringent educational standards and who continue professional education on a yearly basis. This means you are assured of a highly qualified health care professional for your safety and well-being.
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What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a form of medicine practised widely throughout the world. It has the longest tradition of any healing system and is the forerunner of modern medicine. Naturopathy is a health care system that practices holistic medicine. This practice looks at all the systems of the body when looking for the underlying causes of disease

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Next up on getting to know our members - Sandy Watts!

Sandy is a degree qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist (BNHM), and qualified
Clinical Nutritionist (Dip Nutrition), with five years of clinical experience, based in Omaha just north of Warkworth.
Sandy specialises in gut and immune health, stress and anxiety, sleep problems, weight management and metabolic health including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.
'Iā€™m passionate about gut health and believe that good digestive health is a key factor
in staying healthy, and that most, if not all disease begins in the gut. So optimising gut health with my clients is a priority.
I love helping tired, stressed clients improve their sleep and energy levels, better manage stress, and reach and maintain a healthy weight for them ā€“ achieving a healthy, happy life balance!'

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Naturopathic Medicine Week NZ presents...
10th October 2020

Meet the Naturopaths Open Day at Restore Wellbeing Clinic: 10:00 am ā€“ 1:00 pm

Natural Ange @ KeriKeri - The Old Packhouse Market: 10:00 am

The Chill Out Series - Naturopathic Support for Uncertain Times - runs all week

Kiwiherb Celebrates Naturopathic Week - Runs all week

Kiwiherb and Kiwi Yarns - available now

Go to to see what your #registerednaturopath is doing for #naturopathicmedicineweek
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Ever wondered what a naturopath does? or how to become a naturopath?
Head over to Naturopathic Medicine Week NZ blogs page to read all about it!

Go to to see what your #registerednaturopath is doing for #naturopathicmedicineweek
#naturopathicmedicine #nmhnz

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