Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements 

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

In order to remain a member of NMHNZ, you need to continue with education. Therefore every two years all full members (i.e. practising members) are required to complete 60 credits of CPE. Where insufficient credits have been achieved in one year these can be made up in the second year (e.g. 20 credits (2021) and 40 credits (2022). Members who exceed CPE points cannot transfer outstanding points beyond a 2-year period.

New members to NMHNZ are exempt from requiring CPE points for the first year of membership. In the second year, they are required to have completed 20 credits in year 2 and then 40 credits in year 3.

Failure to complete the required credits will result in withdrawal of practising membership to non-practising membership until sufficient credits are achieved.

Members claiming certification in naturopathy and herbal medicine are required to complete a minimum of 10 points per year in herbal medicine related CPE. Members who hold other regulated professional memberships (e.g. nurse, dietitian, registered nutritionist, physiotherapist etc.) can claim 10 points related to other professional membership that is in common with practice as a naturopath.

Allocating CPE Points