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NMHNZ Benefits For Members and Public

NMHNZ Member Benefits

  • Website advertising, including a full page about your practice
  • Searchable database of registered members, so your local community can find you more easily
  • Your clients may be able to claim for your services (healthcare-insurer dependent)
  • The assocation provides access to support and mentoring to members via our private Facebook group
  • Membership of our private facebook group for up to date information, news of job vacancies, courses, rooms and a forum for general support from and for other practitioners
  • Possibility to write posts and share information via our public Facebook page
  • Move towards registration and regulation at a governmental level for the modality of naturopathy and protection of title; Progressing and protecting the profession of naturopathy in New Zealand
  • Provides representation in the World Naturopathic Federation 
  • Discounted professional indemnity insurance
  • Newsletters and member meetings
  • Free access to database/s currently subscribed to by NMHNZ (subscriptions subject to change)
  • Discounted attendance for our conference
  • Access to an Academic Journal
  • Invitation to regional networking meetings
  • CPE opportunities

NMHNZ Benefits for the public

  • Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of NZ (Inc) maintain the largest register of qualified naturopathic practitioners in NZ/Aotearoa
  • As membership is limited to specifically qualified practitioners you are guaranteed a qualified practitioner, which is important for your safety
  • Services provided by NMHNZ-registered practitioners can be claimed on certain healthcare insurers (policy-dependant).
  • We have a commitment to work towards registration and regulation at a government level for the modality of naturopathy. This means naturopathy will be recognised as a health profession, alongside current approved and regulated medical and allied health care providers.


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