Information for Members:

New Zealand is currently undergoing an outbreak of the covid-19 Omicron variant while there are still Delta variant cases in our community across the motu. The whole of NZ is now in the orange level of the traffic light system however this is subject to change so it is best to check the Ministry of Health webpage to ensure you are operating under the correct conditions for the area you are in as restrictions may apply to your practice. Naturopaths like all other professions must obey the laws and mandates set by the government in operating their businesses. If you are unsure of what these are please consult the Ministry of Health or Healthline.

NMHNZ encourages you to continue to wear a mask when in close contact with clients and maintain physical distancing where possible. Other measures you can take are to ensure strict hygiene measures are in place between each client, to ventilate your practice space, and encourage regular hand washing.

Please do a Covid check at the door prior to allowing entry to clients, asking:

– Do you have any symptoms of Covid?

– Are you waiting on a Covid test result?

– Do any of your household contacts have Covid?

If the answer to any of these is Yes, please use a rapid antigen test (RAT) showing a negative result before allowing the client in. If you have household contacts with covid symptoms or who have had a positive RAT test, it would be best to practice via telehealth until the isolation period is over.

Everyone in New Zealand is encouraged to work from home, if possible, but this assumes that your work at home will isolate you from others, so please make your best judgement about which would have you and your clients the most protected. Having consultations on phone or online formats is a great option. Information about how to do this can be found here.

While naturopaths are not yet considered by the government to be allied health professionals (as regulated under the HPCA Act), naturopaths are considered under the Health & Disability Act, so the mandates that apply to health workers will apply depending on where you are operating from. If you are unsure, please get in touch.

For updated information on operating a close contact business under the traffic light system please go here

As primary health care support in the community, naturopaths can be a great source of comfort and help for people during the Covid-19 pandemic. If a client contacts you with any symptoms of Covid-19 refer them to a testing station or suggest they take a RAT and support them with evidence-based care measures that are within your scope of practice.

For regularly updated information please visit the Ministry of Health resource dedicated to giving information on covid-19 here