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Rosanne Sullivan

Hi. I'm a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist specialising in digestive disorders, detoxification and chronic health conditions. For the first 33 years of my life I suffered from chronic digestive symptoms before finally being diagnosed with coeliac Disease. My health journey has inspired a deep commitment to REALLY getting to the bottom of what's causing my client's symptoms. I see clients with a wide range of conditions and specialise in digestive health, complex health disorders, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue and hormonal problems. Initial Naturopathic Consultations (both in person and via ZOOM) include: a comprehensive Naturopathic Health Evaluation; QRA kinesiology assessment; Functional tests or Lab tests if needed; a personalised Treatment Plan which includes dietary recommendations, a Meal Plan plus recipes, as well as any nutritional or herbal supplement recommendations. I am warm, caring and passionate about supporting my clients regain optimal health.


Rosanne Sullivan


The WellBeing Centre
167 Long Drive
St Heliers
Auckland 1071