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Alison Donley

Working as a Structural Naturopath in NZ, Alison successfully uses a variety of gentle cranial, structural techniques & remedies. Many mothers view her as their ?Baby Whisperer?!

Alison can help with pre-conceptual preparation and fertility issues as well as helping common pregnancy complaints such as sciatica, low back aches, pubic symphysis pain and headaches that women often think they have to put up with. Once baby is born both mother and baby can be re-balanced as well as assisted with such problems as infant colic, reflux, poor sleep and general baby discomfort. A wide variety of treatment methods are employed, according to the age and problem of each individual. These include soft tissue ?massage? to muscles and ligaments, cranial techniques, passive stretching and joint traction and manipulation to improve joint mobility. Treatment may also include fasting, hydrotherapy, cupping, nutritional support, herbalism and homeopathy. Advice will be given on diet, exercises


Alison Donley


The Matariki Practice
1257 Leeston Dunsandel Road / 44 Cass Street
Dunsandel / Ashburton
Canterbury 7682
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