Daisy Wood

I am a degree trained Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, I am also a trained Belief Change coach and a Metabolic Balance® practitioner.

My beloved herbal medicines and I nurture women well, especially during the menopause transition. I use herbal medicine in a truly personalised way, herbs to match the person, not the generic approach of “this herb for that symptom or this test result”. I do this because they work better like this, which means you get better results.

I draw on my skills as a chef (a past career) and my love of food as medicine to help you create and eat healthy food that tastes great and feeds your hormones and balances metabolism.

I educate women about what is happening during their crazy 40's and 50's and empower them to change their trajectory. Less symptoms at perimenopause, equals less symptoms post menopause, equals a healthier wise woman!

I work online via video call through out New Zealand


Daisy Wood


Daisy Wood Plant Medicine
11 Miriona grove
Wellington 5034