Anna Graham

I have been a sole Practitioner Naturopath in Taupo for 30 years. I started out as a massage therapist where I shared with a local Osteopath. This was a very sound beginning, invaluable and enabled me to become established whilst I completed my Naturopathic studies. My Practice has evolved over the years and how I work now is a far cry from how I started out in the beginning. Educating my Patients is key for me. Consultations involve Herbal protocols and information on how to eat and food choices to bring about healing, a better quality of health and to maintain wellness. Iridology is a tool I use in consultations. Whatever the health issue Educating patients on how to have a better quality of health, how to maintain their quality of health and also what other therapies are available in the profession that can assist in this.


Anna Graham


Anna Graham Naturopath
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