Nikola Magerkorth

Nikola Magerkorth is an advocate for ‘healing the whole’. With a passion for movement and wellbeing, Nikola has dedicated the last decade of her life to living and studying the Sister Sciences of Naturopathy and Yoga, channelling these ancient healing arts into modern-day life-enhancing offerings.

With a corporate background in communications and a BA from The University of Otago, Nikola is a registered, and qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Yoga Teacher offering a holistic and therapeutic approach to her yogic teachings and naturopathic philosophy.

The Sister Sciences are deeply interwoven into her offerings. As a Naturopath and Herbalist, Nikola believes in holism and views the body as an interconnected system, treating clients as a whole person rather than an isolated condition.

She works remotely from her clinic in Warkworth and has a special interest in hormones, stress, skin health, gut health, immunity, sleep disturbances, anxiety/depression, mood/energy, and pregnancy care.


Nikola Magerkorth


Nirmala Wellbeing
3 Dunningham Street
Auckland 0910