Sarah Brenchley

I am a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and life coach who has a special interest in women's health, gut health, mindset and wellbeing.

I offer one on one consultations, group coaching and nutritional analysis (using Foodworks and Easy Diet Diary applications).

I run several online courses and programmes on aspects of gut health (10 days, 6 weeks and 3 months) and also 2 separate monthly memberships for women transitioning into menopause (Pause for Menopause) and women's wellbeing (The WellBeing Club).

I use herbs, flower essences, dietary advice, supplements and testing.

Come and join my free Facebook Group - Women's WellBeing Circle: and get to know me or find out some more about what I do at:


Sarah Brenchley


Sarah Brenchley Naturopathy
6a Te Aute Ridge Rd, Bethells Beach,
Auckland 0781
021 232 1401