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Kirsten Donovan

My areas of specialty are gut health and children's behavioural disorders.  Having spent 20 years working on my own gut health challenges, I feel that I have an excellent understanding of gut health conditions and can offer a wide range of testing so that we can pinpoint what is going on for you.  Targeted treatment with medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice is often enough to help clients reach their health goals.  My latest area of interest is children's health as my own children reach their schooling years.  I have seen incredible results with children with behavioural disorders as we make changes to their diet and supplement accordingly.  I am based in Tairua in the Coromandel and offer my services to clients all around the Coromandel Peninsula as well as Skype appointments for anyone wanting to look at their gut health or children's health.  


Kirsten Donovan


Head to Toe Natural Health
240a Main Rd
Coromandel 3508


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