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Rebekah Paddy

I am a registered naturopath and herbalist, specialising in fertility, women and children's health for the last 15 years. I am also a co-director of Mother-Well Holistic Health.

Rebekah Paddy is a Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist who specialises in fertility and pre-conception care, pregnancy, women?s and children?s health. She has lectured Naturopathy at a tertiary level and runs public health seminars in the community. She regularly guest speaks at antenatal, postnatal and parent classes around Auckland. She is passionate about educating parents to feel empowered about their children?s health. After many years running a busy practice Rebekah has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience. She works closely with her colleagues at Mother-Well and specialists in related fields, to offer her clients optimal support and expertise. Rebekah knows how essential the therapeutic relationship is between herself and her clients and acknowledges the importance of sharing and s


Rebekah Paddy


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