Heidi Marriott

Optimising client health and well-being is the focus and purpose of my work. I practice using a variety of treatment modalities, determining the most suitable option in each case.

At Health in Harmony consultations occur in a calm and private environment with a professional range of resources on hand to enhance your natural health experience.

Live blood screening (Hemaview), hair follicle (Cell Well-being) and thyroid function (Thyroflex) testing are available and utilised as appropriate.  Treatment options are discussed before we begin treatment.  This can include a variety of modalities including dietary & lifestyle advice, herbal medicine, homeobotanicals and nutritional medicine.  I aim to treat in a holistic manner, believing all chronic ill-health can be attributed in some way to lifestyle factors that commonly involve physical, emotional and environmental stressors. These vastly impact on health, contributing to an overall reduction in well-being.  It is possible, with the correct approach and attitude, to redress this and restore a good quality of life.  Contact me today to start feeling better, naturally!


Heidi Marriott


Health in Harmony

Howick & Pukekohe
Auckland 2014