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Liv Kennedy

Liv Kennedy's mission is to educate, empower, inspire, motivate, mentor and coach clients from all walks of life.

Liv is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist. She combines her love of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine to treat her clients holistically. She not only addresses symptoms, but delves deep to determine the cause of her client’s health issues. Liv creates individualised recommendations for her clients, as everyone is unique.

Liv is a wealth of knowledge. She lives and breathes health and wellness.

Liv published a book in 2020 called MY NUTRITION MENTOR.

Liv combines her decade of personal experience, hundreds of client consultations, years of teaching and training, multiple speaking engagements, and countless formulations of Herbal Tonics, to be Your Nutrition Mentor.

MY NUTRITION MENTOR shines clarity on the conflicting Nutrition information you are bombarded with from the media, social media and Dr Google.

"Realigning Nutrition with Intuition" Liv


Liv Kennedy


Liv's Apothecary & Health Clinic
Quebec Rd
Auckland 0620