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Elly Grace Numia

Numia healthcare is a heart centred health service, combining naturopathy, kinesiology, bodywork, NIS & traditional wisdoms to educate, support, & empower people, to heal themselves.

Numia Healthcare (established in 1996) provides:

* Guidance and support to naturally facilitate your healing

* Relief & treatment from various physical injuries

* Understanding, connection & solutions to psychological blocks

* An empowering, personalised prescription to fit your needs

Your Practitioner – Elly Grace Numia

I have been loving the business of empowering people to be really well, ( not just getting by with their health) for 33 years.

To date, Im blessed to have treated over 26,000 clients successfully in my various clinics. My first 20 years of experiencing health was predominantly in various hospital environments whilst nursing with a crossover into a Natural health in 1991.

I am a high energy person, that adores self improvement, natural health & my gorgeous daughter.


Elly Grace Numia


Numia Healthcare
71 Marua Road
Auckland 1051