Stephanie Kercher

A qualified Medical Herbalist / Naturopath with a degree in Health Science and over 20 years experience, I was raised in the Black Forest (Germany), with plant medicine and good nutrition as the first port of call for many health conditions.

I have a special interest in the area of sensitivities and allergies and young people with stress disorders.

I am passionate about helping individuals reestablish a balance of digestion, stress management, energy levels and general wellbeing.

My approach is to inspire with realistic tips and goals (incl. recipes), to improve diet and lifestyle.

Plant based medicine, minerals and supplements are prescribed according to personal health requirements.

My advisory role in sensitivity testing to fellow practitioners has enabled me to be at the forefront of hundreds of case studies.

The privilege of networking closely with fellow health practitioners enables me to make referrals


Stephanie Kercher


Via Skype or 31 Benfield Avenue,
Mount Albert
Auckland 1025
021 404666