Rachel McAuslin

I trained as a naturopath in Sydney, Australia, graduating in 2005 with a bachelor of health science (comp med). My first job as a naturopath was working in a clinic focusing on in allergies and intolerances using a method called NAET. Being a holistic practitioner however and recognising that everything in the body is intertwined I look at your whole health picture and deal with much more than just intolerances. I look at gut health, immunity, toxicity, diet & lifestyle, stress and emotional connections to your overall individual health imbalance. I work with all of these areas to bring you back to optimal health and vitality. There is no need to live feeling unwell and the sooner you address this, the better for you.


Rachel McAuslin


Rachel McAuslin
35 Jervois Rd
Auckland 1011
09 361 3295