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Maia Cooper

I’m Maia, a degree-qualified Naturopath, mother to one very energetic five year old, and lover of living a low-tox, vibrant life. 

My own journey with my daughter’s health challenges spurred a life-long desire to forge a career in natural medicine. Whilst I see clients of all ages, I am particularly passionate about children’s health and wellbeing.

With a focus on the prevention and treatment of the underlying causes of ill-health, I work with families to make manageable adjustments to their child’s nutrition, lifestyle and environment. I offer tools to enable the maintenance of long-term positive changes, creating a solid foundation for a lifetime of good health.

Together we can reduce and resolve your child’s symptoms of food sensitivity/intolerance, digestive issues, eczema, behavioural/mood/sleep/energy issues, recurrent infections, and anything else you may be concerned about.


Maia Cooper


Maia Cooper Naturopath
Point Chevalier
Point Chevalier
Auckland 1022