Karen Pearson

Specialising in Mental Health, Spirituality and teaching healing while working within a budget. Focus on community projects and education in the field of Natural Health. Vitae Essentia was formed in 2015. It is a holistic health company focusing on a seed to remedy approach, the company also is developing a herbal nursery and food forest. An integrative perspective is used as the lead clinician is trained as a Naturopath, Registered Nurse (Mental Health) and has qualification in Reiki, Massage and specialised for several decades in talking therapy. An evidence based approach is used in treatment. The environment approach is taken not only from studies in environmental science but the hands on approach to the land the business is based upon. A spiritual aspect is embraced and incorporated on many levels, one of the practitioners is doctor of Metaphysics and there is a deep respect for spirituality in all its manifestations.


Karen Pearson


Vitae Essentia
1703 State Highway 29, RD1
Lower Kaimai
Tauranga 3171