Ann Ellis

Hello my name is Ann Ellis
I am a Qualified Naturopath + Medical Herbalist with a Bach of Health Science
I am passionate about Natural Health + our Environmental Footprint

Hi there - my name is Ann Ellis

I am a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunty you name it.  I also have a Bachelor of Health Science under my belt + a stack of Life Experience so I feel very fortunate  

I have a massive DESIRE to inspire people to Live Healthier whilst reducing the toxic load on this beautiful planet of ours

This brings me to my business. I am the proud Founder and Director of “Healthier Living with Ann” and I help EVERYDAY people in New Zealand and all over the world confidently make better choices for their health and wellness with a large focus on stress management 

My personal strengths include solving problems, empathy, seeing potential in people and situations, belief in YOU and I am an activator - so I get things done to make life that bit easier for you and your family   

Contact me today on 021 684 522 

Kind regards, 

Ann Ellis 


Ann Ellis


Ann Ellis
20a Tiri Road
Auckland 0930