Katie Lantz

The practice of Natural Medicine includes scientific and empirical methods, modern and traditional. Katie has spent many years researching Natural Medicine and completed a Bachelor of Natural Medicine after having witnessed many unsatisfactory results working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself given the right tools and guidance.

Katie emphasises the concept of treating the root cause of dis-ease and believes in empowering her clients to balance their lives and take charge of their own health.

Katie is sincerely interested in the clients story and considers it integral in finding a meaningful solution.

She believes individualised care is key to treating clients successfully.Through diet modifications, lifestyle counselling,herbal medicine and establishing vitamin and mineral deficiencies Katie is able to address clients concerns and health goals.


Katie Lantz


Holistic Medical Centre
48a Ponsonby Rd
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1011
09 3700650