Nicola Page

I have consulted at Bodytech Gym in Auckland since 2003. Nutrition/naturopathic consultations cover the areas of bodyfat loss, sports nutrition, increasing energy levels, gut health and decreasing stress, among others. I am also seeing clients from the Exerscience Clinic which specialise in individually prescribed exercise programs based for people with chronic health conditions like heart disease. I also work with a bariatric surgeon (Dr Stephanie Ulmer) providing nutrition support pre and post surgery for patients undergoing sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. I have seen over 1000 patients over the last nine years. While this work is more nutrition oriented having naturopathic knowledge is very useful advising what supplements to avoid presurgery and understanding drug and supplement interactions. I am also a registered nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of NZ and associate member of NZDA.


Nicola Page


Nicola Page Nutritionist & Naturopath
47 Balmain Rd
Auckland 0626