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Leanne Morris

Clinical Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner specialising in Chronic Health, Women's Wellness including endometriosis, Preconception Care, Ageing Well, Weight Loss & Body Acceptance. I am based on the Kapiti Coast, and do in person consults at my clinic and Skype consultations.

I offer a different type of healthcare by looking thoroughly at diet, lifestyle and carefully considering the body as a whole to address the root cause of illness, rather than just suppressing symptoms. I use a range of different healing modalities, such as personalised nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, homeobotanicals, flower remedies, as well as lifestyle changes, exercise etc, to bring the body back to optimum health and wellness.

My role as a naturopath is to support each person to take self-responsibility of their health by educating each client about their illness and how to care for themselves and help them develop strategies so that future illness can also be prevented


Leanne Morris


Leanne Morris Clinical Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
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Kapiti Coast 5036
027 2888 992