Nikki Potts

As a naturopath I believe that everyone has the right to feel amazing and live a healthy and balanced life, I definitely do not believe in fad diets and quick fix scams. The way you eat, think, breathe and move everyday has an impact on your health and with the correct advice and support you can shine in all of these areas.

I specialise in hormonal health and fertility, it is a women’s right to have happy balanced hormones that give you the energy to keep doing what you love every day, then calmly rest at night. This not only includes a focus on the reproductive hormones but also the very important thyroid and stress hormones. I have helped many women improve their fertility and start a family as well as helping to address barriers to hormonal balance utilising nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle.

Much of my work is based on improving the integrity of the gastrointestinal track as a healthy gut = happy hormones.


Nikki Potts


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