Phillip Scholten Menoita

Kia Ora Tatou.

I’m Phillipe, a registered Wanaka naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist, and owner of Origin Naturopathy.

My aim in naturopathic practice is, of course, to promote and maintain my clients' optimal and long-term health.
More specifically, however, I take great care to reinforce the value of evidence-based nutritional psychology and habit formation, looking closely at the relationship between food, mood, hormones, behaviour and mental health.

I do have a particular affinity for stress-induced and anxiety-related conditions, but as a qualified naturopathic practitioner my work covers an array of digestive, hormonal, lymphatic and urinary disorders.

Last but not least, I am a keen climber and mountaineer, and thus largely devoted to maintaining musculoskeletal health, treating adverse conditions relating to joint pain or stiffness, inflammation and immobility.

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Phillip Scholten Menoita


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