Karen McCallum

Solutions for optimizing your whole wellness + mindset

*Wellness naturopath *natural medicine clinic *functional testing *mind-set coach *massage mind-body relax reset + restore

*personal + life transformation programs

- Diet + lifestyle, daily rhythms, awesome tiny habits

- Gut health – IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, inflammation, detox, immunity

- Hormones period health, peri-menopause, menopause + beyond

- Stress response system/mood

- Autoimmune thyroid

- Brain health/length health span

- Mind space, self-worth, productivity + joy

yes, you can send the men in your life too, since 80% of my client base is women that’s who I’m talking to here

Are you looking for solutions to navigating a demanding life and want to be feeling better, in fact be well in your body + brain to drive your life with enthusiasm, contentment and fun along the way!

Often in our discussions; hormonal shifts, gut challenges, exhaustion, sleep issues, weight imbalances, toxicity, autoimmunity, anxiety...


Karen McCallum


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