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Karen McCallum

love your brain, body and life!

Karen is all about a whole person wellness approach so you can feel better, live bigger and enjoy more your way.

OPTIMIZE YOU wellness + mindset are influencing each other.

I am a qualified naturopath, herbalist, massage therapist + NLP master practitioner and trainer and have been in practice 20+ years.

I am passionate about understanding your personal journey and see health + wellness priorities intricately connected to your life stage and often a wake up call to get real about getting well and in turn free to choose how you show up and drive your life.

Do you have symptoms of brain body life breakdown and want to breakthrough!

Brain-body consultations, quick start 30day reset options, whole person wellness coaching programs and starting June year long coaching specifically for women who want it all.

Book a discovery consult or mind-body relax massage, good for clarity and confidence for next steps to lift your personal day to day experience.


Karen McCallum


Brain body life
39/59 Sackville Street
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1021