Cyndi Rawles

Naturopath and owner of Healthy Sprout. Where we believe in the healing power of nature, good nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle. Our mission is to elevate health and wellbeing to the top of every ambitious women’s priority list. Resulting in a happier and healthier life, while also enriching the lives of those around her.

Our lives and bodies are continuously evolving. This may look like increased responsibility at work, period problems, coming off the pill or planning a family. We empower driven women to adequately fuel their bodies and minds, providing skills that last a lifetime.

Our Hamilton based clinic is nestled in the Healthy + Well Collective, an integrative women’s health clinic. Visit us for an initial consultation and a cup of herbal tea or join online from the comfort of your own home.

Cyndi holds a Bachelor of Natural Medicine from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

Modalities: Nutrition, Natural Medicine (herbs and nutrients) & Lifestyle Advice.


Cyndi Rawles


Healthy Sprout Naturopathy
167 Cambridge Road
Hamilton 3216
022 4765 982