Dayna Lauren Thompson

Greetings! I am Dayna Lauren Thompson, I am a dedicated naturopathic practitioner based in Auckland and founder of Balanced wellness, My journey commenced as a qualified pharmacy technician, immersing me in the intricate world of pharmacology—where I delved into drug interactions, mechanisms of action, and dosage forms. Yet, my heart yearned for a broader perspective. Beyond the confines of conventional medicine, I sought a deeper understanding of holistic well-being. Health, I realized, is a symphony that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Thus, I set sail for Wellpark College, honing my skills as a naturopath and medical herbalist. Here lies the magic: I don’t merely address symptoms; I explore the very roots of health imbalances. Together, we’ll chart a course toward balanced wellness and vitality. Whether it’s a serene home clinic session or collaborative efforts with local pharmacies, my unwavering commitment remains: promoting well-being through a holistic lens. Ready to embark on this transformative healing journey? Let’s weave nature’s wisdom into your unique story.


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