Elena Turner

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in naturopathic & herbal medicine and with a strong background in science (mathematics) I have a particular interest in preventative and aesthetic medicine. Naturopathy based on holistic principles provides a unique approach that can support people in healthy ageing and longevity. Currently I am completing certification in Preventative, Integrative and Anti-Ageing Medicine with the Australasian Certification Association in Anti-Ageing Medicine. I am also certified in Appearance and Aesthetic medicine with the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (a4m) and can provide recommendations in that area. I immigrated to NZ in 1997 from Moscow, where I was also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science and a diploma in finance. I was born in the Far East area of Russia where my grandmother was practising herbal medicine and always was drawn to herbs and consider it “runs in my family”.


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