Friederike Von Rohden

I am a registered and qualified Naturopath working with Herbal Medicine, Muscle testing, Nutrition, Massage, Reiki and Functional Testing. Recovery from an acute or chronic illness and stress, trying to conceive, addressing hormonal imbalances, mood, sleep or simply changing your lifestyle to improve health and mental wellbeing and anti-aging can be a journey of personal discovery. Embarking on this journey by your self is hard; doing it alone is even harder. Friederike is devoted to teaching, helping and guiding you on your journey by using naturopathic principles as well as herbs, kinesiology, diet, supplements, functional pathology testing e.g.: Allergy, Microbiome Gut, DUTCH Hormone, Fitgenes DNA, Organic acid, Mould testing etc. to help improve your health and well-being, your energy levels and vitality. I work alongside Allopathic Treatments and check for interactions between medication, you may have been put on by your doctor, and supplements or herbal remedies.


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