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You are in the right place if you are looking for solutions to navigating your life-stage HORMONE journey particularly peri menopause and beyond. Did you know there is a bidirectional relationship with your gut microbiome, brain and hormones! Thyroid issues + auto immunity are on my radar as I know all about this one personally! Gut health is so important for your WHOLE health & your immunity too. And we all have a stress load that deserves a game plan, tools and techniques and powerful mind-habits so you can enjoy your best YOU! And clever to nourish your brain whatever your age and ponder how to lengthen your health span! The body achieves what the mind believes Gut challenges, constipation, bloating, food reactions, exhaustion, unstable blood sugar, sleep issues, weight imbalances, feeling toxic &/or inflamed, pain, infections, autoimmunity, irregular periods, menopause symptoms, low mood, anxiety & brain fog, burn-out, stress over-load, worry, lack of confidence,


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