Mairie Fromont

Nature's Embrace is my homebased Naturopathy Clinic open full time during week days & after hours by appointment. I offer services of Clinical Naturopathy, as well as Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage. As a Naturopath I cater to all ages and life stages, from preconception to 70+. I cover a wide range of health issues, including eczema, reduced immunity, insomnia, fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, PMS, PCOS, infertility, digestive dysfunction, IBS, yeast imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, emotional stress and anxiety. In practice, I conduct an initial consultation, with detailed case taking, dietary and lifestyle review. I do Iridology, Hair Testing and functional diagnostic tests, e.g. DUTCH, Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to elucidate possible causes of poor health, and provide ongoing treatment and support consultations. I also provide massage to reduce pain, stress and improve well-being..


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