Melody Stewart

I am a Degree qualified, registered Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Buteyko Breathing Practitioner Trainee. A previous background in dentistry and my own personal health journey have helped to provide me with in depth knowledge of both conventional and holistic medicine fields and how the two can work together synergistically. Further to my background is being a mum to three young children. One of whom is a gifted child with very complex needs due to a neurological condition. Working in clinic and assisting families with similar children is truly my calling. Whether your child has allergies, an autoimmune disorder, poor gut health or PANDAS, PANS, autism, or any other neurodiverse condition, I can help. Through reassurance, encouragement and sound, up to date knowledge, this journey can be made much less daunting and lonely for you and your family. Together we can achieve optimal balance. I look forward to


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