Natasha Holland

I believe vibrant health is within reach for everyone. Nurturing and analytical by nature, my naturopathic approach is evidence-based and deeply rooted in holism. I am a degree-qualified naturopath and currently completing further studies. My Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Nutrition, expected completion is in 2024. My naturopathic practice focuses on addressing nervous system disorders, insomnia, mental health issues, neurotransmitter dysregulation, digestive health, immune and skin conditions. I am particularly focused in expanding in the areas of neuroendoimmunology and microbiome health. To tailor personalised treatment plans, I offer a variety of functional testing assessments and live blood analysis. I invite you to reach out and start a conversation about your health concerns, whatever they might be. Together, we can explore how a tailored naturopathic plan can be the key to enhancing and supporting your innate healing processes.


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