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17 November 2016
17 November 2016

About Us

For 19 years, Phytomed has been harnessing the quality of locally-grown phytomedicines to naturally boost Kiwis health. We’re NZ’s leading manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts for practitioners, producing a large range of herbal liquid extracts, capsules and dried herbs for practitioner dispensing, including a range of unique NZ native herbal extracts. Phytomed also produces the Kiwiherb range of preformulated herbal blends for common illnesses, perfect for practitioner prescribing.

We are passionate about sustainability and supporting our local community, preferentially sourcing NZ-grown phytomedicines by working closely with local growers to source the highest quality herbs, and use certified organic materials wherever possible.

When you prescribe Phytomed products, you’re not only delivering the highest quality herbal medicines, you’re also protecting our environment and helping ensure our valuable herbal resources are safeguarded for future generations. Phytomed is your ethical choice.